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Providing a free computer training for unemployed Matrics students. They are taught business skills and entrepreneurship development.

Computer training

Taking part in the rehabilitation process of the offenders. These offenders are taught computer skills and how to use the skills once they are released.

This training will help them integrate well in the society and contribute positively and meaningfully.   

Training the Offenders

Acknowledging and recognising the efforts and contribution woman play towards upliftment of other women in the mainstream economy. Paying attention to job creation and elevation of poverty.

Women in Business Seminar

What we offer.

ISDA offers variety of projects that are aimed at addressing socio economic challenges such as Education, job opportunities, Business Development , health Care and povery aliviation.

Infrustructure development and creating better and conducive environment learning purpose.  

Who we are.

IKAGENG Skills Development Agency Approach economic issues through skills development and empowering people to be self sustainable through skills programs, workshops and long term projects that have effective outcome impact.

Conferences, exhibitions and mentorship

Providing life skills to Youth going to university and tertiary school. This training helps them to cope with challenges faced as first year students. A large percent of first year students fail due to lack of such training some drop out due to lack of proper planing.  

 Youth life-skill Training

IKAGENG Skills Development Agency was recognised as one of the Best Organization in the Nkangala District of Mpumalanga. Providing skills development to young people and training of the prisoners.  

Best company in the district


IKAGENG Skills Development Agency, has number of projects which seek to empower communities with skills and knowledge in order to remain productive and active members of the society which they leave in.

“Empowering women to take centre stage in the business environment”

The Voice Heard Enterprise  

A woman owned enterprise that seek to development and empower other women to remain focus and productive in their businesses.

Women Seminar Awards - every year in August.  

Hundreds of women gather  together and celebrate women’s month.

Acknowledgement of those who are creating jobs for other women and help them to grow in these challenging times.

The chairperson of ISDA has been awarded the certificate and business leader of the year who champion the course of the person with disability.

Business Leader of the Year - Disability

ISDA has recieved a sponsorship to support the training of young people (Youth) for a life skills development for the first year students aiming to enrol to university.

Donations & Sponsorships

The Awards and Recognitions Online Magazine>>>>>

An a special event that brings Government, members of the communities, SMMEs and Community leaders together

Government Exhibitions

April the 5th

Empowering women in all walks of life through business and job creation. Encouraging them to be visible.

Women In Business Seminar

August the 31st

Recognising the efforts and acknowledgment of person with disability and the contribution they are making.

Disability Awards Ceremony

November the 28th

Mentorship and business workshops that seek to assist young people with skills development and entrepreneurship.  

Youth Development

June the 5th